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Rockets, Missiles, & Helicopters


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1000 Gram Finale 74 X 2's
21 Gun Salute
5" Canisters 24's
Anniversary Combo
Born Country
Color War
Diamond Splitter
Diamonds In The Sky
Divide and Conquer Artillery
Dual Exhaust 6" Canisters
Gold DiggerGold Digger
Ice Cube
Iron Dome System
Let It Rip
Livin' The Dream
Magnum Artillery
Neon Peacock
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BC Big N Bad RocketsBC Big N Bad RocketsBlack Cat's Big' n Bad rockets are huge and bold. Six spectacular premium effects are matched with huge rocket bursts and mind blowing performance. Each of the base colors and glitters are mixed with standout brocades, crackles and willows. A triumph for Black Cat's attention to color combination and committment to Big' n Bad performance. Effects: Vertical lift to gold glittering brocade with blue stars Vertical lift to crackling palm with red & green stars Vertical lift to red willow & white glittering stars Vertical lift to silver willow & green glittering stars Vertical lift to crackling spike with blue stars Vertical lift to red umbrella with green glittering stars
BC Hard Ball RocketsBC Hard Ball RocketsHardball means you’re playing tough and these rockets are tough! Fast, high, and BIG bursts bombard the sky! Effects: 1. Delay crackle 2. Red & green palm 3. Lemon & blue star 4. Red, green & blue star with white glitter
Griz Missile W/ReportGriz Missile W/Report4 pcs.
Jumbo Whistling Moon TravellersJumbo Whistling Moon Travellerswith report.
Magic CrystalMagic CrystalBrothers; 4 pieces; See the crystal do its magic of spinning on the ground, rising to the sky then setting off red and green stars with a strong whistle.
Rage MissileRage Missile
Saturn Missile 100 ShotsSaturn Missile 100 ShotsA multitude of 100 lightning flashes with whistles and reports.
Saturn Missile 500 ShotsSaturn Missile 500 ShotsGreat Grizzly; A grand finale of 500 lightning flashes with reports.
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