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C4-X Firecrackers
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Sky HighSky HighThis cake is huge! One of the tallest cakes available, the performance will match the size. It begins with a fast zipper fan of crackling color stars then a fan of huge gold glitter shells. This sequence repeats itself and we see more colors.
Rip Rock & RollRip Rock & Roll220 shot, fast action pearl zipper cake with lots of color and noise.
Touch of GoldTouch of Gold119 Shots - The ultimate blend of beauty and power. This long lasting cake features fans of comets with very long gold glittering tails that sweep back and forth across the sky, then a fanned volley of large hard breaking gold strobing palms.
Amazing BalletAmazing Ballet
Knockout Brocade 9 Shot RackKnockout Brocade 9 Shot RackBrothers; 3" artillery shells; 500g Cake; Gold, gold and more gold brocade. Nine huge gold brocade shots, with three in a humongous finale.
Prime Time 9-Shot RackPrime Time 9-Shot RackBrothers; Gold stars with crackling/alternating red/green/blue stars. Finale of crackling and blue stars. 3" shells.
Display Shells 9 Shot RackDisplay Shells 9 Shot RackThis cake features huge thee inch shells that will give you professional quality consumer fireworks. They feature massive breaks, long duration color changing stars, and double petal effects. Three effects - Hard breaking Red Peony, Huge Brocade Breaks, and double petal color changing blue with crackle pistil to delayed crackle. Amazing!
King's RansomKing's RansomGreat Grizzly; Begins with huge breaking red then green then blue, repeating. Followed by a green breaking burst with a finale of 2 huge breaking red and blue shells side by side. Breathtaking!!!
Simply UnbelievableSimply UnbelievableGreat Grizzly; Nine 3" shots; A multi-shot aerial device that shoots an amazing show high into the sky. It starts with a huge willow shell to purple and another willow to green to gold glitter to red to silver to purple to green to red and back to silver. The finale is huge brocades to red palm trees to silver palm trees. A dramatic and exciting show! Simply Unbelievable!
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C4-X Firecrackers
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Great Grizzly; Wile E. Coyote only WISHES he had these 3 sticks of fire-crackin' explosions!
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