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C4-X Firecrackers
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Wicked AwesomeWicked Awesome220 shots: pink to silver chrysanthemum, lemon to silver chrysanthemum, sea blue to silver chrysanthemum, silver whistles up to crackling.
Imperial GardenImperial GardenMegabanger; 16 shots; No one can refuse this barrage of blossoms as twinkles of gold, lemon, green and silver flakes with matched blue, peach, purple, orange and sea-blue beads fill the air. Finale is four shots of crackling willow. Uncomparable! 500gm heavyweight.
Just BadJust BadMegabanger; 16 shots; The round brocade crown changes from red, to green to blue pearls on the tip, with super-charged silver chrysanthemum burst high in the sky.
Uncle Sam's AnswerUncle Sam's AnswerBrothers; 16 shots; "Golden stars and crackling bouquets reflect the richness, and multi-colored bouquets in the diversity." Up to 500gm Heavyweight.
The OneThe One
Patriotic DominancePatriotic Dominance10 shot cake. You will feel the patriotic pride as whistling tails explode into huge Red, White and Blue bursts, ending with a finale of loud crackle bursts.
Rip the SkyRip the SkyThis cake features Mega-Burst Technology to give you the biggest, hardest breaking shells available. The powerful lift charge sends 12 large 2 inch shells flying more than 100 feet into the air. Then the shells break very loud with colorful bursts.
SelfieSelfie 20 shots: brocade with silver strobe,  brocade with green strobe, brocade with red strobe,  brocade with gold strobe,  brocade with colorful strobe.
Spastic StrobeSpastic Strobe16 Shots Description: Dahlias with silver glitter, red, green, purple and lemon. 4 shot finale Shots
Peace Peace PeacePeace Peace Peace16 Shots: Large mines of red, blue, purple dialias with siver chrysanthemums
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C4-X Firecrackers
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Great Grizzly; Wile E. Coyote only WISHES he had these 3 sticks of fire-crackin' explosions!
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