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Multi-Shot Aerials (Cakes & Racks)


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All Things PinkAll Things Pink
Back The BlueBack The Blue
BC Big N Bad RocketsBC Big N Bad Rockets
BC Burning Rings Of FireBC Burning Rings Of Fire
BC Diablo 12 PackBC Diablo 12 Pack
BC Hard Ball RocketsBC Hard Ball Rockets
BC Neon Master MissileBC Neon Master Missile
BC Pound RocketsBC Pound Rockets
BC RPG 4 RocketsBC RPG 4 Rockets
BC Sky InkBC Sky Ink
Brawl The WildBrawl The Wild
Break A SweatBreak A Sweat
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Adrenaline RushAdrenaline Rush500-gram fan cake with 75 shots,these snaking brocade with red tail,red and green crossette, red and crackle with silver tail,red falling leaves with red tail,green falling leaves with green tail; multi-color peony with red tail.
All Things PinkAll Things Pink16 shots of pink peony
AmbushAmbush115 shots: color beads crackling breaks; red & blue mines with crackling whistle; multi-color mines with brocade tail up to purple & gold strobe; multi-color mines with brocade tail to sky blue and red strobe; multi-color mines with brocade tail to brocade and chrysanthemum.
American RhythmAmerican Rhythm
Angel RisingAngel RisingGreat Grizzly; Red comet tails burst into yellow/green peony and crackling rain.
At MidnightAt Midnight 19 shots: brocade palm with red strobe, brocade palm with green strobe, brocade palm with gold strobe, finale 3 shots of ruby red dahlia with silver strobe.
Back The BlueBack The Blue16 shots of sea blue peony
BadBad16 shots-Gold willow w/blue, gold willow w/green glitter, red and green dahlia.
BC Neon Master MissileBC Neon Master MissileMaster Missile with a difference! Whistle tails speed toward a loud report, but on their way each missile has its own extra effect, including red, green, titanium, and crackle. Effects: 1. Whistle tail, red & report. 2. Whistle tail, green & report 3. Whistle tail, red, green & report 4. Whistle tail, titanium & report 5. Whistle tail, crackle & report
Bling BlingBling BlingBrothers; 36 shots; Fires shots at a fairly rapid pace. The first six go up and scatter into silver flying fish and blue pearls. The next six are whistling and crackling comets that end with reports. Then the first 12 shots are repeated. The next break is a mixture of green peony stars and purple glitter stars. Next is a mix of red and blue peony stars with silver glitter. Next is a red chrysanthemum with crackle flowers. The final four breaks are fired one at a time, and they are all gold willo
Blonde JokeBlonde JokeBrothers; 36 shots; An attention grabbing show of alternating red crackling stars, green bouquet with crackling tail and blue bouquets with crackling tails. Twelve of the 36 shots in a huge finale. Up to 500gm Heavy Weight.
Brawl The WildBrawl The Wild1. White Glitter 2.Golden Willow 3. Sea Blue Glitter 4. Blue Willow and Red Glitter 5. Green Glitter 6. Time Rain 7. Sea Blue Glitter 8. Golden Willow and Green Glitter Pistol 9. Time Rain Willow With Red Dahlia
Break A SweatBreak A Sweat16 shots: multi-colors and silver strobing mines up with burst of 1.cyanine & lemon with ruby red & silver strobe; 2.cyanine & ruby red & green with lemon and silver strobe; 3. cyanine & purple & lemon & ruby red with silver strobe alternately.
Coconut Grove SongCoconut Grove SongMegabanger; 19 shots; Bright comet up, golden crackle with loud report, at last turn to brilliant coconut-shaped tree.
Cold FusionCold FusionMegabanger; 16 shots; The first 12 shots are different effects such as gold shuttles, palms, flitting glitters and climbing coconuts in a variety of colors. The finale is four colored peonies with a crackling blue background.
Color Pearl FlowersColor Pearl FlowersMegabanger; 96 shot; emits shower of bright red & green stars with crackle, then shoots colored stars with silver crackling stars at the end.
Country BoyzCountry Boyz 9 shots: blue with white.  Perfect color for weddings....appears silver and gold!
CowboyCowboy12 shots floral shell,500gm long lasting golden willow combined with gorgeous brocade crown alternately.Breatheless item!!!!
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